Flux forges new directions in interactive storytelling by creating transreality games and pioneering surprising forms of immersive simulation. Described by ABC News as the “way of the future”, Flux connects players with object and site-specific mythology. The studio works with the Arts, Film, Heritage and Tourism sectors to broaden audiences and explore mature themes.

The Black Widow

An interactive murder mystery unraveled by communicating through a spirit board with the dead …literally! Faithfully reenacted from the original court records and letters, you investigate the true case of Australia’s first female serial killer. You’re free to ask your own questions to determine whether she was truly guilty, or unjustly executed.

Winner of the Australian Game Developer Award for Best Narrative.


Plague Sydney

The Bubonic Plague struck Sydney in 1900. Journey back to this dramatic time through the magic of 3D binaural sound and haunting performances by Australia's most talented voice actors. Featured in the Art and About Sydney festival, players use this app to explore The Rocks, Sydney.



Depression-era Darlinghurst was ground zero in a gang war over illegal alcohol, drugs and prostitution. Criminals rioted with cut-throat razors, earning the zone its infamous title Razorhurst. Armed with your mobile, you scour the actual streets for sly-grog while evading virtual gangsters.


Black Friday

Players ventured into the dark past of Newtown’s infamous eviction riot for the Sydney Fringe Festival. Armed with a mobile, they searched the actual streets for supporters, whilst evading virtual police, to aid the Unemployed Workers Movement in their home occupation. En route they discovered the plight of locals and those involved in the siege.


Secret Scandals

Commissioned for the Sydney International Design Festival by Government House Sydney. Players discovered dramatic stories from the history of Government House.


Say Hello.